An accurate census ensures Michigan's voices are heard and our vulnerable populations receive needed assistance.

Over 130 federal programs use census data to allocate more than $675 billion each year to households, towns, cities and states throughout the nation. An inaccurate count would impact funding for programs that support our state’s most vulnerable populations.

An undercount could also lead to decreased representation at the federal level, decreasing Michigan’s voice in Washington. Michigan is at risk of losing another congressional seat and a reduction of electoral college votes.

New Campaign Helps Local Governments Plan 2020 Census Outreach Efforts

An estimated 290,000 West Michigan individuals are unlikely to self-respond to the 2020 Census The Be Counted West Michigan campaign is designed to help local governments reach those residents most at-risk for not responding to this year’s census and promote participation. The campaign is organized by the West Michigan Research Network, a group of data […]

Economic impact of the census seen in regional construction projects

Using Census Data to Improve our Economy

As we march toward Census Day on April 1, 2020 it’s important to highlight the far-reaching effects of the decennial census in ways that aren’t so obvious. In the most apparent manner, the decennial census is used to establish a representative democracy. In a less apparent manner, the decennial census underlies troves of publicly available […]