Be Counted
West Michigan!

Supporting a complete and accurate 2020 Census

Be Counted West Michigan is here to support governmental agencies and departments in Prosperity Region 4 in their efforts to promote full 2020 Census participation. We do this by providing:

  • Access to data on how an inaccurate count could affect your community
  • Census facts that debunk myths about the census and how it is used
  • Resources to identify and reach those at risk of not being counted

What’s at stake in 2020?

In Michigan we stand to lose an estimated $1,800 per person, per year for programs that use census data. Programs such as Medicaid, nutrition assistance, highway construction, workforce and economic development, Head Start/Early Start, K-12 education and many more!



For each Michigan resident, per year for the next 10 years


$7+ Million

In workforce training funds for West Michigan job seekers


$63+ Million

In Title 1 funding to assist at-risk K-12 students in West Michigan

Health Care

$12+ Billion

In health care assistance for low-income Michigan residents

New Campaign Helps Local Governments Plan 2020 Census Outreach Efforts

An estimated 290,000 West Michigan individuals are unlikely to self-respond to the 2020 Census The Be Counted West Michigan campaign is designed to help local governments reach those residents most at-risk for not responding to this year’s census and promote participation. The campaign is organized by the West Michigan Research Network, a group of data […]

Economic impact of the census seen in regional construction projects

Using Census Data to Improve our Economy

As we march toward Census Day on April 1, 2020 it’s important to highlight the far-reaching effects of the decennial census in ways that aren’t so obvious. In the most apparent manner, the decennial census is used to establish a representative democracy. In a less apparent manner, the decennial census underlies troves of publicly available […]



Find important 2020 census dates to guide your engagement efforts.